Leadership Team Update, Sunday,  May 17, 2020

The Leadership Team wants to provide another update on the progress we are making in completing the tasks of the Intentional Interim Process as well as preparing to search for our next Senior Pastor.

First, we are so grateful for the wonderful response from our congregation in completing the surveys that were mailed to each of you. Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully consider your responses to each question. Even though we can’t be together to encourage each other face to face, your participation, time, and interest in this process is simply heartwarming. As of Sat. evening, 195 surveys have been received in the church office. We anticipate a few more arriving in the mail in the next couple of days. If you didn’t get yours mailed by Friday, May 15, you may still drop if off to the church office Monday or Tuesday.

The Leadership Team will be meeting for a lengthy training exercise and work session with Craig Janney this coming Thursday afternoon and evening to collect information from your completed surveys. Our goal is to process how to use the survey data to create a Senior Pastor Profile. Information may also be used to assist in creating Interview Questions for potential candidates as well as helping us know what YOU do and do not want in a new Senior Pastor. Again, we are thankful for your enthusiasm and thoughtful replies that bring energy to this lengthy process.

As we continue work on the Leadership Focus Point, we will be reviewing how our church is organized and staffed to accomplish the church’s mission. Several committees are evaluating and updating important governing documents like the Constitution and Bylaws, Staff job descriptions, Personnel policies and procedures, and Transportation usage. Our church has a tremendous leadership base that will certainly help us as we move forward into an exciting and promising future.

Finally, the Leadership Team has been meeting regularly during the past three weeks. We are practicing social distancing recommendations and other safety guidelines. Because of the importance of our church moving forward, we are using this time to work diligently toward preparing for the day when we can seek responses from potential candidates for our next settled Senior Pastor. Thank you always for your patience, prayers, and words of encouragement.

We continue to hold to the truth of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Leadership Team Update, Sunday, May 10, 2020

As promised, we, the Leadership Team are going to be sure that we are keeping you all updated and aware of our progress as we move forward in this Transitional period.

First, we want to remind you to please return the survey that was sent to each household last week. Your feedback and prayerfully considered answers will be essential in the future selection process for a settled Senior Pastor. We are asking that you please have those back in the mail by Friday, May 15. If your household needs additional copies, please call the church office.

We wanted to also take a moment to remind you of the wonderful things we have done in the last months as part of the Interim Process. We and YOU have worked hard over these past months. We have completed the Heritage Focus Point and presented you with a summary. We have also completed the Connections Focus Point and Missions Focus Point. We have completed the final draft summaries of each based upon your work and input. We will be getting you those reports in the very near future for you to review. Any recommendations that are made will be brought before the church for vote.

We will continue to give you weekly updates on our progress. We are now beginning work on the Leadership Focus Point. For this, as members focus on leadership, they consider future lay leadership needs and how the structure can potentially expand the leadership base. We will inform you as we move through this focal point, much of which will be done working with members of standing committees. As always, any changes or updates that need to be made will always be brought before the church to vote.

While this time for all of us is full of change and uncertainty due to so many factors and causes, your Leadership Team is committed to the work of this church and together we will all continue to move forward through the final steps of this process, knowing it will lead us all to the Settled Senior Pastor that God has already chosen for this church.

Melrose is strong, resilient, faithful and a place of love and grace. Please continue to pray for the Leadership Team and the Staff and Church Leadership as we move forward. God bless you all!

The Leadership Team has different ways to keep you, the congregation, updated:

• The Leadership Team Moment during Sunday morning worship services from the pulpit and on the big screen.
• An email going out from the church office each Monday
• Posted on the Melrose Baptist Church Facebook page
• We are working on having in the near future a Leadership Team link on our website. We are very excited about this!

We want to reach everyone so please, if you know of someone in our church that cannot get our information by any of the ways just listed, please call or have them call the church office with names and addresses so the Leadership Team can mail information to them.


Leadership Team Update, Sunday May 3, 2020
As most or all of you know, Dr. McCann has resigned as Intentional Interim Senior Pastor of our church. We, the Leadership Team, want to assure you that we are continuing on in the Intentional Interim Process and will soon, under God’s leading and guidance, begin the search for a well-qualified candidate for our new settled senior pastor. 

As the next step to move forward with this task, we are seeking your valued opinion and input by completion of a congregational survey which you will receive in the mail this coming week. The survey and a return self-addressed, stamped envelope will be provided. We encourage each member to prayerfully complete and mail by May 15th.  Each family member is encouraged to complete a separate survey. If you find you need more surveys than provided in the envelope, please call the church office. 

The Leadership Team continues to be in contact with Craig Janney, He supplies us with a wealth of knowledge, resources and support. His help is invaluable! Please continue, as you have been, to support us and keep the Leadership Team, the staff and our church in your prayers. 

To quote Dr. Denton, “God never puts more on us than he puts in us.” We love and miss you all!

Leadership Team Update, Sunday, May 24, 2020


Good morning Melrose Family!  The Leadership Team is so happy to report that we received 246 Congregational Surveys regarding finding the new Senior Pastor.  Thank you again so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas with us.  We also conducted interviews with the current staff to get their input and perspective as we move forward in this process.

The Leadership Team met on Thursday with Craig Janney and spent several hours tallying your survey results and putting together the information so that we can use those results to create a Church Profile and Pastor Profile that will be used and sent out to prospective candidates.  We also spent time praying for our church and for the person that God has in mind for our next Pastor.

We want to take a minute to say we listen and we hear each person who shares thoughts and comments with the team. We know that right now it may seem like the process has taken a while and that the “end of the tunnel” is far away.  Let us remember that as a church we came together and chose this Intentional Interim process to help this church transition.   Rest assured that this team is working hard and pushing forward, but also completing the process that was started.  We are in the last two focal points and we are working on those as we speak.  We take our responsibility very seriously and we love our church and our congregation and want to serve you to the best of our ability.   Have faith and stay strong.  Completing this process as planned will make us stronger and ready to find the next Senior Pastor for this church.

As it says in Isaiah 40:31: but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.  God has us in his grip and he will be faithful as we know He is.

This has been such a unique and challenging time in the life of our church and in the world.  Melrose is an amazing place for so many reasons, but one thing we LOVE is fellowship.  And we are missing that SO MUCH!  But we will be together again and we will be back to sharing hugs, telling stories, worshiping together and being a family in person.  The team is working and continuing to meet and will continue to keep you updated each week.  Have faith, pray for the staff and for the Leadership Team and know that we are praying for God’s will and direction for this wonderful place we all love.

Please remember that you can get all of our updates on the church Facebook page, our emails every Monday and the link on our church website.