Members Information

While we open our hearts and doors to all, there is certain information that needs to be more readily available to our long-time or new members of the church.
On this page you will find important membership information including the current church leadership guide, volunteer schedules, and more.

Church LEadership

Church Officers
Administrative Offers: David Dillon, David Heath, Renee, Jarrett, Alan Journell, Donna Tobey
Church Clerk: Jan Heath
Assistant Clerk: Eve Wirt
Treasurer: Jan Jessee
Assistant Treasurers: David Dillon, Donna Tobey
Emergency Preparedness Team Director: Rick Moorer
Emergency Preparedness Team Assistant Director: Jeff Poore
Audiovisual Co-Directors: Jay Dillon, Rick Mullins

Other Church & Organizational Leaders
Audiovisual Co-Directors: Jay Dillon, Rick Mullins
Baptist Men's Directors- Giles Gilley, Dallas Norris
Church Hostess: Patty Huffman
Enrollment Clerk: Carol Parker
Assistant Enrollment Clerk: Carolyn Huddle
Church Historians: Betty Hundley, Susan Matney
Hospitality Coordinator: Mary Cox
Media Center Director: Pat Dillon
Preschool-Extended Session Coordinator: Annie Richerson
Property Maintenance Director: Butch Meredith
Van/Bus Safety-Maintenance Coordinators: Robin Bennett, Wayne Wilson
Sunday school Director: Joan Mullins
WMU Director: Mary Gilley
WMU Assistant Director: Carolyn Tucker
Vacation Bible School Director: Amy Crawford
Accompanists: Judy Caudill, Donna Tobey, Teresa Wallace

Church Representatives
Mission Support Ministry- RVBA: Mary Gilley
Rescue Mission of Roanoke, Inc.:
Mission Center- Friendship House: Karen Simmons
Mission Center- Keystone Community Center: Pat Dillon

For a full list of the church committees, members, chairs, and roll-off information, click on the link button below. 

Volunteer Schedules

February 11
Ushers: Robin Bennett, Gerald Willis
Courtesy: Steve Kennedy, Jack Engel
Safety: Jeb Wallace, Larry Hicks
Children & Youth Dinner: NO CHILDREN & YOUTH- SUPERBOWL

February 18
Ushers: Robin Bennett, Gerald Willis
Courtesy: Jeff Ernest, Don Altice
Safety: Allen Journell, Tim Whitt
Children & Youth Dinner: Connie Crowder, Karen Mullins

February 25
Ushers: Jack Engel, Bill Caudill
Courtesy: Jeff Poore, Charles James
Safety: Danny Jarrett, Jeff Ernest
Children & Youth Dinner: Norma Engel, Becky Tobey

If you see an issue with the volunteer(s) schedule, please reach out the committee coordinators or if you need someone to cover for you on a certain Sunday, please reach out to someone else on the team.
Usher Coordinator: Rhonda Kessler
Courtesy Coordinator: Jeff Ernest
Safety Coordinator: Jeff Ernest
Children & Youth Meals: Rhonda Kessler 

Van Driver Schedule

Wednesday, Feb. 7: Wayne Wilson/Dom Havens
Wednesday, Feb. 14: Pastor Connie
Sunday, Feb. 18: Dom Havens
Wednesday, Feb. 21: Jeb Wallace
Wednesday, Feb. 28: Robin Bennett

Volunteer Schedule

February 4
Babies & 1's: Karen, Grace, & Anna Mullins
2's & Kindergarten: Dave and Grace Mullins

February 11
Babies & 1's: Carolyn Steele, Jenny Moorer
2's & Kindergarten: Patty, Pasha, & Nicole Huffman

February 18
Babies & 1's: Connie Crowder, Grace & Anna Mullins
2's & Kindergarten: Lois Bailey, Brooklyn Taylor

February 25
Babies & 1's: Alice Crider, Nicki Joynes
2's & Kindergarten: Annie & Clara Richerson

This month's contact person is Janet Bain. If you are unable to serve on your scheduled Sunday, please contact someone on the volunteer list to cover/switch with you. Please contact Annie Richerson ( if you are not able to find a replacement.

Important Documents & Links

40 Days of Prayer
Last year, at the 200th meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia, they announced an initiative called, "Renew Virginia." As part of this initiative, BGAV Executive Direction, Dr. Wayne Faison, called on Virginia Baptists to enter a time of prayer for 40 days to pray for the future of the BGAV and its churches. The focus of this time will be on renewal, revitalization, progress, and fulfillment. As a ministry partner with the BGAV, we will begin our part in "Renew Virginia" with Pastor Mark leading daily prayer on the MBC social media pages. Join Pastor Mark nightly on Facebook and Instagram  AT 8:30 PM for a time of prayer as we focus on renewal, revitalization, progress, and fulfillment.

To make this time of prayer more fulfilling, we have compiled a prayer guide to use during this time. Click on the link button below to download the guide and save it for easy access. 

If you do not already, make sure to follow us on social media @MelroseBaptistRoanoke! You can find our specific links at the bottom of this email or on our website.
Currently we use Realm as our church management system where we keep track of church membership records, giving statements, and use this as a way for our church leadership and ministry groups to be on contact with each other through direct messaging, group chats, and email. To be able to use Realm, you must first be invited by a staff member and then follow the prompts to set up your account. Please reach out to the church office is you wish to set up your Realm account.

If you have already set up your Realm account, please go HERE to login.