Find our more information about worship opportunities below.

As part of our commitment to bring worship to everyone in our community, we live stream our Sunday morning service every week via YouTube starting at 10:45 AM.

SUnday Morning Worship

10:45 am

Join us at 10:45 AM.
Our Sunday morning service starts in the morning at 10:45 AM in our main worship space, the Sanctuary, as well as our overflow space, the Fellowship Hall. First time visitors will want to enter through the door at the front, and the Sanctuary can be found straight ahead.

Blended style to appeal to all.
At Melrose our worship style is a mix of contemporary and traditional. Our orchestra, choir, and other musicians lead the congregation through hymns from the traditional Baptist hymnal as well as current worship/praise songs.

Welcoming environment- come as you are.
We welcome ALL to come into the house of God and worship with us. Melrose has no dress code or guidelines- we invite you to simply come as you are, and we will welcome and love you regardless.

Weekday prayer meeting

Wednesdays at 6:15 PM

A Time for Prayer & Healing
This time of prayer is meant to give individuals time during their week to slow down and be in the presence of God.

Small and Intimate
Sundays can be boisterous and action packed, these mid-week prayer services are just a time for prayer and reflection.

Anyone is Welcome
Part of our DNA is our commitment to being a caring church for our community. Our mid-week prayer services are open to anyone needing a time to express their thanks and needs to God.

Please check the church calendar before planning to attend Prayer Meeting. Prayer meeting is not held on the evenings of our monthly Business Meeting or is replaced by weekly Bible study.


In 2023, God presented the opportunity for us to make the vision of one our member's a reality while also serving our community. Through the dedication of Pastor Trice Kasinga and the support of Melrose's English speaking members, Melrose Baptist and Pastor Trice are able to provide a worship space for those in our community who are native Swahili speakers. Three Sundays out the month Pastor Trice, along with his family and friends, lead a worship service in Swahili who struggle with the English language but wish to worship in their new English speaking community. Meanwhile, on the first Sunday of every month, our English and Swahili speaking members join one another to worship and partake in the Lord's Supper (communion) as one congregation.

Ibada, which is Swahili for "worship", begins on Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Marketplace located in the Children's Wing of the the campus. When entering the church campus, look for the signs in the front of the building that say, "Ibada."
Mwaka wa 2023, Mungu alitupatia fursa ya kufanya maono ya mmoja wa wanachama wetu kuwa ukweli huku tukiwahudumia pia jamii yetu. Kupitia kwa kujitolea kwa Mchungaji Trice Kasinga na msaada wa wanachama wa Kiingereza wa Melrose, Kanisa la Melrose Baptist na Mchungaji Trice wana uwezo wa kutoa mahali pa ibada kwa wale katika jamii yetu wanaozungumza Kiswahili kama lugha yao ya asili. Jumapili tatu kati ya mwezi, Mchungaji Trice, pamoja na familia yake na marafiki, huongoza ibada kwa Kiswahili kwa wale wanaopambana na lugha ya Kiingereza lakini wanataka kuabudu katika jamii yao mpya inayozungumza Kiingereza. Wakati huo huo, kila Jumapili ya kwanza ya mwezi, waumini wetu wa Kiingereza na Kiswahili wanakutana pamoja kuabudu na kushiriki Chakula cha Bwana (ushirika) kama jumuiya moja.

Ibada, ambayo ni neno la Kiswahili kwa "ibada," mara nyingi huanza Jumapili nyingi saa 10:30 asubuhi katika Soko lililoko kwenye Sehemu ya Watoto ya uwanja wa kanisa. Wakati wa kuingia kwenye uwanja wa kanisa, tafuta alama mbele ya jengo inayosema "Ibada."